Customized Smart NFC Household Appliances Tag - Wholehouse intelligence easy control with your phone
With just one tag, you can use your phone to effortlessly switch on/off appliances, enhancing convenience and creating a smarter and more comfortable home experience.
Product information
Customized Smart NFC Household Appliances Tag - Whole-house intelligence easy control your home appliances with your phone - NFC Tap and QR code Scan

When you want to watch television but can't find the TV remote control, or when you want to open the air conditioner but can't find the remote control, or when you want to turn on the lights but are too tired to stand up and walk to the switch, you can simply use a Smart NFC Household Appliances Tag. By tapping the tag with your phone, you can easily control the smart home appliances using your phone.

NFC smart household appliances tags can elevate your home to a whole new level of intelligence. With NFC technology, you can easily connect and control smart appliances such as smart light bulbs, smart sockets, and smart speakers. With just one tag, you can use your phone to effortlessly switch on/off appliances, enhancing convenience and creating a smarter and more comfortable home experience.

The NFC Household Appliances Tag is integrated into home appliances, so there is no need to worry about it falling off and becoming unusable.

NFC smart household appliances tags can also function as NFC charging/charging pile cards. With a simple tap, users can initiate the charging process for their electric vehicles or other electronic devices. This streamlines the charging experience. Furthermore, users can easily manage their charging activities through dedicated mobile apps or web-based platforms. Users can monitor charging progress, view charging history, and access payment information all in one place.

In all, the tag offers a secure and convenient method for accessing charging services, enabling users to effortlessly charge their electric vehicles or electronic devices while ensuring privacy and ease of use.

About sustainable:
1. Antenna selection:
1.1. The antenna base material is made of environmentally friendly, degradable and recyclable materials;
1.2. Antenna production process: non-aluminum etching, using printing, laser or hot stamping antenna production, the production process is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, plastic-free, truly Green.

2. Surface material: Use environmentally friendly materials (no relevant hazardous substances), degradable materials, and renewable materials as fabrics.

3. The electronic label composite glue adopts environmentally friendly composite glue.

We offer a range of sustainable materials, including TESLIN, PLA, PVC, RPVC, PET, PETG and so on, as the label production materials, in order to support and promote environmental protection. These materials are known for their eco-friendly properties and can significantly reduce the impact on the environment compared to traditional cover materials. They are often biodegradable, recyclable, or have a reduced carbon footprint, which makes them excellent choices for promoting sustainability. With our NFC Household Appliances Tag, users can effortlessly control smart home appliance, and promote environmental sustainability at the same time.

Using method:
A NFC smart household appliance label requires the use of NFC-enabled smartphones or other NFC reading/writing devices. The tags can be integrated into home appliances or stick on the home appliance surface. To control smart home appliances, simply activate the NFC function on the smartphone, and place it near the NFC detection area of the smart home appliances. Wait for 1-3 seconds for a successful connection. Once connected, you can use your smartphone to operate the smart home appliances.

Product advantage:
1.NFC Home Appliance Tags offer seamless integration with smart home systems, allowing users to control and manage their home appliances with ease.

2. NFC Home Appliance Tags simplify maintenance and troubleshooting processes. By scanning the tags, users can access diagnostic information, user manuals, or even initiate service requests.

3. NFC Home Appliance Tags eliminate the need for traditional physical switches. With just a smartphone, users can control and operate all their home appliances, including lights, thermostats, smart plugs, and more.

4. NFC Home Appliance Tags can be integrated into home appliances or stick on the home appliance surface, reduce operating costs. 

Technical specifications:
Material TESLIN, PLA, PVC, RPVC, PET, PETG, PBAT, or customized
Physical dimension Coin tag, Integrated into smart home applicances, or Customized size Antenna size Ø12.7MM, or customized
Chip NTAG213、NTAG215、NTAG216、S50、F08、ultralight、ultralightEv1、FM11RF08、Mifare1 S50、Mifare1 S70、NTAG203、I-CODE2、TI20485、SR1512 Applications TV, TV remote control, WIFI router, smart switch, air conditioner, air purifier, desk lamp, washing machine, rice cooker, disinfection cabinet, dishwasher, charging/charging pile cards. . .
Protocol ISO 14443 Product color Customized
User memory customized Data storage 10 years
Read/Write distance 30MM-100MM rewrite times 100,000 times
Personalized customization
LED light can be added to the label; the label pattern can be customized Working frequency 13.56MHZ

About Union Smart
Union Smart is currently one of the few national high-tech enterprises with independent research and development capabilities in China. As a company integrating production and sales, our company and factory encompass a total area of 10,000 square meters and we have 13 years of experience in manufacturing and selling smart cards and labels. The main products include RFID cards, NFC cards, Sustainable Eco-friendly cards, RFID Tags, Bluetooth iBeacon card, Fingerprint chip card, Eink Tags, Visual Cold Wallet Payment card, RFID Blocking card With an annual output of over 100 million cards, we are in a leading position in the domestic card manufacturing industry.
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