Low Temperature Label
Product information
The temperature tag is equipped with an antenna, RFID chip and temperature sensor, as well as an ultra-thin battery that can last more than three years. It comes with a self-adhesive adhesive and is affixed to the food package to record the production date, type, name, weight, Quantity, etc., and then stored in the cold storage, at the same time, the environmental temperature of the food is recorded at any time, and the real-time judgment of whether the ambient temperature of the items during storage and transportation exceeds the allowable range, and the entire supply chain process from unloading, packaging, storage to transportation Be tracked in time and accurately.

Temperature Tags 丨 Temperature Monitoring Tags 丨 Technical Parameters of Active Tags
Data storage ≥ 10 years
Erasing times ≥100,000 times
Working temperature -100 ℃ -75 ℃ (humidity 20% ~ 90%)
Storage temperature -100-70 ℃ (humidity 20% ~ 90%)
Working frequency 860-960MHz, 13.56MHz
Antenna size Customers can choose
Working mode Active
Process personalization Bar code, two-dimensional code, serial number, chip internal code, data writing application, etc.

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