Library Label 丨Library RFID Label 丨RFID Label丨Label
The chip data storage space of the book tag can store the information of each book. The data can be read and written in the range of 0.05 meters to 15 meters without going through the line of sight or direct contact. The front-end products and system soft
Product information
Library Label 丨Library RFID Label 丨RFID Label Technical Parameters
Data storage: ≥10 years 
Erasure times: ≥100,000 times
Working temperature: -20℃- 75℃(humidity 20%~90%) 
Storage temperature: -40-70℃(humidity 20%~90%)
Working frequency: 860-960MHz 、13.56MHz
Antenna size: Customized
Protocol: IS014443A/ISO15693ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2
Working mode: Passive
Surface material: PET、PVC、chrome paper、PP synthetic paper 、heat-sensitive paper
Encapsulation technology: Reverse welding+compound
Reading distance: 8m
Packaging material: Chrome paper( PET、PVC、chrome paper、PP synthetic paper、heat-sensitive paper)+ Inlay+Non-base double-sided adhesive paper
Chips: lmpinj(M4、M4E、MR6、M5),Alien(H3、H4)、S50、FM1108、ult系列 / Icode series 、Ntag series
Process individuation: Chip internal code,Write data.
Printing process: Four color printing, Spot color printing, Digital printing

Library Label 丨Library RFID Label 丨RFID Label  Applications:
Library management

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