Riding the Winds and Conquering the Year of the Dragon

—— Annual Work Commendation Conference ——

Farewell to 2023, "Winning" in 2024. Shenzhen Union Smart IOT Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kaisere Technology Co., Ltd. would like to express their gratitude to all the employees for their hard work and dedication over the past year. Therefore, from March 2nd to March 3rd, 2024, the entire company went to Huidong for the 2023 annual meeting and team building activities. Leaders and colleagues from United Smart Card and Kaisheng Technology gathered together to look back on the struggles of 2023 and envision a new journey for the future, aiming for a triumphant victory in 2024! Riding the winds and breaking through the waves, winning in the loong Year!

The founder and CEO of the company, Jiang Kai, the vice president, Tao Xixian, and all the employees attended the annual meeting.

The company chose to hold the annual meeting in the form of a trip. We went to the resort destination of Huidong County in Huizhou. The itinerary was as follows: Day 1: Mozishi Park - team building activities - annual meeting banquet, Day 2: sailing experience - off-road vehicle experience. The purpose of this annual meeting was simple, to have fun!

On the morning of March 2nd, we gathered at the company and took a bus to our destination, Mozishi Park. On the way to the park, Guo Yuankai, our company's "King of Songs" and the "Andy Lau" of Union smart,, entertained us with his singing, earning applause from everyone on the bus. After an enjoyable one-hour journey filled with laughter and conversation, we arrived at Mozishi Park.

After lunch and a rest, we went to the team building center for team building activities. Through challenging and thought-provoking exercises, we aimed to strengthen teamwork, discover each individual's potential, and cultivate a positive attitude and spirit of cooperation among colleagues.

During the team building activities, every leader actively participated, and colleagues had a great time. Through a series of team games and competitions, not only did the bond between new and old employees strengthen, but the serious image of the leaders also gained a touch of loveliness.

After the exciting and laughter-filled games, we went to the hotel where we would be staying for the duration of the trip. Although it was just a simple accommodation, the company arranged seaside rooms for us, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery at any time.

After resting and adjusting, at 5:00 pm on the second day, the highlight of the annual meeting officially began. During the annual banquet, we presented several awards to commend outstanding employees and prepared multiple prizes for colleagues to draw. In addition to prizes and medals, colleagues also spontaneously organized various performances during the banquet.

The atmosphere of the party was lively. CEO Jiang Kai, Vice President Tao Xixian, and Production Director Luo Haojie delivered speeches, acknowledging the performance of our colleagues in 2023 and the past 12 years, and encouraged us to "ride the winds and break through the waves, win in the Year of the Dragon" in the new year of 2024!

After the speeches, the performances began. The Business Department kicked off with a lifelike lion dance, followed by a joint performance by the Business Department and the Marketing Department of the classic English song "Lemon Tree". Then, our "Liu Dehua" Guo performed a solo of "If You Are My Legend". Singing is naturally accompanied by dancing. The friends from the Marketing Department and the Foreign Trade Department performed a wonderful dance for us , earning heartfelt laughter and applause. After the dance performance, two beautiful ladies from the Labeling Department performed a duet of "One Like Summer, One Like Autumn", and a soloist from the Production Department sang "I'm Waiting for You Whether Come or Not".

Amidst the wonderful performances, the party reached its climax, and the audience eagerly wanted to join. The annual meeting also included a "knowledge quiz" and "interactive games" session. Colleagues eagerly signed up to participate and actively engaged in the games, striving to stand out.

After the games, the banquet gradually came to an end. To express gratitude to the company, colleagues from the production workshop came on stage together to sing the concluding song of the performance, "Grateful Heart". Thank you, company, for giving us a platform to prove ourselves and a place to showcase our talents and hard work.

With all the performances concluded, but the party had just begun. To recognize outstanding employees, the company presented medals and gifts to various outstanding employees and teams, as well as to employees who have worked diligently in the company for over 10 years. In addition to the Outstanding Employee Award, the company also held a lottery segment, with a winning rate of up to 40%, including a total of 30,000 RMB in cash prizes. The colleague who won the first prize couldn't stop smiling and treated all the employees to bubble tea after the party!

After the lottery, the banquet came to its final moments, and company founder Jiang Kai and Vice President Tao Xixian expressed their gratitude and encouragement to each employee.

Amidst laughter and joy, the banquet came to an end.

On the second day, we experienced the thrilling activities of sailing and off-road driving, bringing a successful conclusion to the 2023 annual meeting. 

Although the annual meeting was over, the journey of United Smart and Kaisere had just begun. Just like driving an off-road vehicle, although the road may be rough, the company's strong capabilities will serve as our reliable vehicle for this pioneering journey - providing us with a platform to showcase our talents and sweat. We must continue to improve our "driving skills" and overcome the challenges on the road, heading towards a brilliant life!

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